In Paris, France less recently than I wish...

In Paris, France less recently than I wish...

When I see the word “About” up there, I think:  “About ME”? or “About THIS BLOG”?  or “About THIS PRESENT LIFE (literally)”?

So I guess here it is ‘about’ all of these things, but I’ll start with me and those closest to this, my own present life, since I am the actual human writing here.

I am a mom to two boys – Eli is now 19 years old.  You can find out more about him on his website:  Eli Dagostino Photographer.  My little one, Ari, is 3 1/2 years old and does not yet have his own website or business.   I have been with my husband Ron since high school – this is a long time.  We’ve been married for 24 (23?) years and count our lucky stars that things seem to still be working out okay.  We live on a small island somewhere in the northeastern area of the United States.  Maybe I’ll share more about that here later.  For now, I’ll maintain a flavor of mystery to keep you interested.  Ron and I both work from home.  We are a home of computers and other electronic devices of distraction.  Some of those are battery-operated, but I digress…

Among other things, I am a professional actress.

Those ‘other things’ include, but are not limited to:

  • marketing creative person
  • certain-type-of-computer-elements-tech-saavy lady
  • yogi when I have time
  • organic food-obsessed, which goes along with —
  • really good cook
  • maternal to a fault
  • generous to a fault
  • moody to a fault
  • Facebooker to a fault
  • professional bitch

I seem to reinvent myself every few years, whether planned or not.  I also get “itchy”, as in I want to move somewhere else, or at least move my furniture around fairly often -- case-in-point, we moved into our current wonderful home last April 2014.  I have trouble letting go of my stuff, but I have worked on that and will continue to do so.  Balance as in everything (one of my favorite sayings).  I see another blog post in here so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.  You’ve now read enough “about” me.