New York Egg Cream Redux

Egg Cream

Sometimes, if you know one, you just need a New York Egg Cream.  If you aren't familiar with one, there are actually no eggs involved.  If you need some real history or background, you can go here.  I know it as comfort and a nice hit of chocolate, dairy (or non-dairy) delight!  HINT:  if you've ever had an ice cream soda with chocolate flavored soda, this is the soda part without the ice cream!

Besides being delicious, egg creams are easy to make.  I've created the healthiest ever New York Egg Cream (or more like Sheryl's Egg Cream) right at home.  You can use these same ingredients, but before you commit, I suggest you get online (or run out to one of the two on-island stores if you live near me!) to Not Your Sugar Mamas (NYSM) and order some Be Saucy!  You will not regret it.  It is a super food, raw, delicious chocolate sauce you can use for many things -- like egg creams.  Or just dip some strawberries into it!  It is delicious and versatile and has made being gluten-free and refined-sugar-free an easier lifestyle change.  In fact, all of their products have made my new lifestyle a welcome and delicious change!  Don't stop at Be Saucy - peruse their product line and look at their all-organic and superfood ingredients and I'll bet you'll see the special care they take in their products and company as I do!

And if you know me, I'm not a big agave user.  This is one of my few exceptions and treats -- I also know that NYSM sources from sustainable and organic resources so I am confident that when I decide to indulge, it is okay on all levels!

Now let's have some Egg Cream...

You need a tall eight-ten ounce glass and a straw if you are so inclined...

3 heaping tablespoons of Be Saucy 1/4 cup milk (organic raw milk is the best of course) - for dairy-free, use coconut milk! 1/2 cup (or more) plain seltzer dollop of coconut cream (optional indulgence)

Technique is crucial for this - it is not a mix and drink affair!

1) Add the Be Saucy to the glass - it is okay if some of it is dripping down the inside of the glass because that is more authentic. 2) Add the milk. 3) Stir the Be Saucy and milk vigorously with a spoon until pretty much all combined and looking like the most chocolatey chocolate milk you've ever seen. 4) While stirring milk and Be Saucy at a medium pace, slowly begin pouring seltzer into the glass until about 1/3 away from top of glass.  IT WILL FOAM and MIGHT OVERFLOW and that is OKAY.  Just wipe the counter.

If you've gotten the technique right, there will be a little area of "foamy" egg cream at the top of your glass.  YES!  Now you can drink it -- the challenge is to make it last.  Certainly adjust the amount of Be Saucy to your taste -- I know I have!  Add coconut cream if you choose or enjoy as is.

Make this into an ice cream soda by adding a scoop of your favorite ice cream - don't forget your spoon!  I can't wait to break in my new ice cream maker, make some coconut milk ice cream, and make ice cream sodas!