Personal Training

Personal Training is all about you and your goals.  After a short interview, you will begin your journey to better strength, endurance and overall fitness! 

We will work together to create a healthy lifestyle that you can adhere to over the long-term and I will be here for accountability.  Using a variety of exercises and progressive challenges using free weights, body weight exercises, interval and circuit training techniques, we will find a way for you to enjoy getting stronger, fitter and give you reasons and strategies to keep it up.

My Home
Personal training at my home studio offers a private environment with no distractions.  The Club Sheryl Fitness home studio includes basic free weights (barbells, dumbbells, plates) and other equipment necessary for a great workout. 

Your Home
If you prefer to workout in your own home gym, I will come to your location (additional travel fee). 

If you enjoy a gym environment and/or are a member of the Y, I am on staff as both a personal trainer and a fitness instructor at the YMCA of Martha's Vineyard.  If you desire to lift heavy and/or access the multitude of cardio and strength training equipment available there, you can schedule your training sessions with me at the Y. 



All personal training sessions are paid for in full in advance of sessions starting.  24 hours notice for cancellation of a session is required

Personal Training Sessions at my home studio are available in several package options for 30 minutes or one hour: 

  • Individual session(s)
  • 6 session package
  • 10 session package
  • 20 session package

Please contact me for details on home studio sessions.  Additional travel fee for sessions in your home gym.

Information, policies and pricing on personal training services at the YMCA can be found on the YMCA's website.  You can purchase sessions with me at the Y directly through them by calling or going in person and talking to the receptionist at the front desk. 

My training schedule is Mon-Fri with flexibility in times dependent on session availability.  First come-first served for scheduling in any location.  No matter where you choose to train, please schedule your session well in advance of the busy Summer season as prime times do book up very quickly. 


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What to Expect

Once you have contacted me and you select your personal training option, I will send you a contract and we will schedule our first session that will include a short interview to review general health history and your goals. 

Congratulations for Committing to YOURSELF in a Wonderful Way

Whether you are a seasoned gym person or brand new to working out, your sessions will be individualized to meet your level of fitness and goals and be designed with your continued progress in mind. 

Safety and Good Overall Health are Always the Primary Concern

Personal training encompasses more beyond just the "workout".  Nutrition, lifestyle and personal habits around meal times, social occasions and food in general, all play important roles on your fitness journey.  If you need a referral to a registered dietician, nutritionist or some good resources and general advice on diet practices that may work well for you alongside your workouts, we can work together to make sure that all of your effort working out gives you the results you are striving for. 

Small Changes Can Yield Big Results

I am a big proponent for eating well-sourced, real whole foods and supporting local farms.  I have spent a lot of time on my own fitness journey while exploring and discovering various nutrition options and I fully understand the pitfalls and major challenges very well.   I am always here to discuss options, resources and best ideas/ways to reach your goals and I will refer you to medical health professionals as needed or requested.